One Drink Away From The Blues

Preying Lizard Music's Road Rash Blues Show.

This page is dedicated in memory of my best friend Les Lewellyn, who past away on March 11, 2008. Les was the host of the "Road Rash Blues Show."

Les featured and promoted the best of todays independent blues and blues-rock acts from across the globe. And he did it all for free



Les Lewellyn began his DJ experience while working as a DJ on the college radio station at Jeff State in Birmingham, Alabama. He attended Jeff State while playing in the Alt Rock band the Jukin' Lizards a band that received airplay on many stations back in the eighties.

When Les started his website Preying Lizard Music it was to promote his band Dixie Lizard. But he felt that if he's going to pay for his own domain why not share it with other Indie bands that shared in his love for cool original music. So he began two weekly streaming shows on his site featuring bands from all genres and divided the shows into soft rock and hard rock.

On a soft rock show one might find Americana, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Pop and many other genres. On the hard rock show you can find Metal, Alternative, Grunge, Psychedelic and every other form of hard rock imaginable. He called the shows "Preying Lizard Music's Indie Pirate Radio Hard Rock Show" and "Preying Lizard Music's Indie Pirate Radio Soft Rock Show".